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BonKyuBOMBGIRL Studios is a costume shop specializing in cosplay & all things bunny suits! Check out my personal cosplay gallery to see some of the special costumes I have sewn throughout the years.




SERIES: Star Wars - A New Hope


DATE COMPLETED: October 2016


NOTES: I have to admit, I had never seen the original Star Wars trilogy before making these costumes. So I watched "A New Hope" for research purposes and I really enjoyed it! The Jawa robes were made out of brown Monk's cloth and the hoods are lined in black cotton. I stitched around all the hems before fraying the edges and put plastic boning around the edge of the hood to give it shape. The client is a true Star Wars fan, so he purchased actual World War 2 era leather bandoliers just like they used in the film. He also made the black-out mask which has LED eyes.