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BonKyuBOMBGIRL Studios is a costume shop specializing in cosplay & all things bunny suits! Check out my personal cosplay gallery to see some of the special costumes I have sewn throughout the years.


Spike Spiegel

spike spiegel

SERIES: Cowboy Bebop




NOTES: Karl purchased a suit from the thrift store that resembled Spike's suit and I went to work! The jacket fit well in the shoulder area, but it needed to be slimmed down and shortened to get that Spike Spiegel look. I tapered the arms and shortened the jacket sleeves while adding fake cuffs. The jacket hem was shortened and the front was reshaped. I also removed the collar and added a new lapel. Lastly I took in the sides ever so slightly to create more shape. The pants were shortened and needed some major tapering, which was probably my favorite part. Since the jacket no longer had functioning buttonholes, I added snaps as the new closure.

Photography by: Santino Caceres of Scorpio Concept Designs